Learn German Basics

German course for beginners: exercises, grammar and vocabulary. Offline 100%  

 This German course for beginners consists of several lectures. Each lecture contains some grammar,  some basic vocabulary and many exercises. Learning German is more than just learning individual phrases by heart. You also need to be acquainted with the minimum grammar. Also it is crucial to know that most simple verbs to construct simple sentences. This App  will help you to get to first level of German (A1) according the common European reference (MRER).

Thanks to thousands of exercises, almost 7000, you can learn the 500 words of basic vocabulary. The exercises stimulate you to read, listen and write many times each word. You will learn the numbers, the weekdays, the time, the conjugation of the verb "sein" (to be) and everything required to construct simple sentences helping you in your daily live.

◉ Ability to add your own notes.
◉ Each lesson contains a lot of exercises.
◉ Find words with intelligent search.
◉ Available in two languages: English and Spanish.
◉ Designed for both Phone and Tablet.
◉ Support portrait and landscape view.
◉ Works without an internet connection.
◉ Each lesson contains grammar, vocabulary and exercises.